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Founded by Enrico, Emiliano e Giuseppe Landi in 1938, the enterprise has always had centre in Bologna, developing as soon as itself from the harvest and sale of skins in regime of autarchy, to the activity of purchase of the materials more appreciated in all the international auctions beginning from the post-war period.

Today the Lacompel has focused its activity in the prĂȘt a porter.

The quality together with the great experience and tradition, guaranteed by Andrea Landi, child of Enrico and from a team of stylist to the continuous search of the new tendencies of market and style, they do that the choices of marketing we are precise, with an immediate focusing to the needs and the expectations of the international market.

The Lacompel has the advantage to have worked in the last 40 years with artisans local furriers, and it is so able to produce the heads with the same ability, knowledge, tradition and usual care.

Thanks also to the attention for the concise, to the accurate search of the particular ones and the care of the details, the Landi is all over the world one of the few firms of the Made in Italy leader.

The realization of a fur begins from the provisioning of the most exclusive skins in the best world Auctions. The choice, the assortment and the tanning of the skins are among the most important phases, since from these the result of a wrapping depends.

The Lacompel is, among the specialized Italian firms in the wrappings of furrier, one of the most known and you appreciate in the rest of the world.

The strength of the Lacompel is given by the style and by the quality. The style relate from the Italian culture of the to dress. The quality is determined by a productive trial that unites an excellent artisanship to the most modern technology a perfect execution and an extraordinary wear ability are, finally, our result.

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